The Black Sea Silk Road Corridor aims to enhance visitor experience of wonderful sites and monuments, including natural parks, archaeological sites, and cultural monuments that are witness to the artistic genius of former generations That still inspire today’s artists. Visitors can also enhance their experience by enjoying the contemporary culture – the museums, galleries, theatre, music, local cuisine and all kinds of diverse attractions and delights.

The trail starts with Greece. Famous for her sea and beaches, Greece also has an abundance of hidden treasures, her wildlife reserves, located where she is on the migratory routes of birds, Greece has a fascinating fauna and flora. Plus, her history from antiquity till today has adorned the country with some of the most romantic looking archaeological sites and exquisitely charming Byzantine and Ottoman buildings are here to greet the visitor. Culinary delights and hospitality also will greet you with great music and dancing, mixed with the tastes and smells of great food.

Next on the trail is Turkey, a unique country linking Europe and Asia, hiding  many colorful places to be explored.  Civilization existed on Turkish lands for thousands of years and each trip in Turkey reveals another secret beauty. From ancient cities to natural springs and mud baths, from mountain hiking trails to craggy beaches for you to discover and swim in clear waters, you will be amazed during your vacation. To witness history, to discover how the modern and the ancient melt in the same pot and to understand the kinds of beauty,  Turkey has more unique and peerless destinations than you could ever imagine.

In Georgia, you will find brooding valleys, sunny plateaus, teeming forests, sparkling mineral springs, caves and waterfalls—it is a land of startling landscapes and striking beauty. With its warm climate, stone houses built around vine-draped courtyards, and winding roads, Georgia is a country of contrasts and hospitality.  It is an unforgettable memory, a collection of ancient cultures and traditions, a diversity of landscapes and people, tumbling from the tallest mountains to a subtropical steppe. Georgia will remain in your memories forever!

Finally, the trail ends in the enigmatic country of Armenia, one of the oldest civilizations in the region with an extraordinary landscape and exhilarating experiences.  Armenia has cultural treasures for just about everyone.  From ancient cities dating to the dawn of civilization to our art, music and dance—even the way food is prepared and guests are entertained.  Armenia’s trails course through deep woods and grassy plains, over fields of wild flowers and along bubbling springs and rivers.  Refresh yourself with the crisp, cool mountain air or a bracing dip in a spring fed lake.  Channel your energy by exploring Armenia’s abundant nature, healing your mind, body and soul. Armenia has it all.

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